A Uniquely Northwest Experience By Sail Bainbridge


Sail 2 Ski



You’re on a sailboat, crossing a large expanse of inland sea. In the distance are snow-capped mountains, steadily growing right out of the water. As you enter the mouth of the inlets, they tower above you on all sides.

Anchored as far in as possible, it’s time to go up - on foot through lush temperate rainforest, on ski up the gully to base camp, and up the ridges towards your goal. You are on your way to ski one of the more remote and stunning landscapes North America has to offer.

It’s not always the perfect weather. It’s not always the perfect snow conditions. It is always the perfect adventure.




One hell of a sail to ski mission in British Columbia. Bunch of strangers that will forever remember a week of bad jokes, bad smells, and bad skiing as some of the best days of our lives.
— Wyatt Roscoe / Atlanta, GA
My adventure with Sail Bainbridge was one I will never forget. Sailing to a remote zone in British Columbia to go backcountry touring is a special experience- completely unique to any other ski expedition I’ve ever been on. The union of calm reflection on the boat, exciting challenges on the mountain, and boisterous camaraderie throughout is matchless. Unplugging completely allowed me to reconnect with my surroundings and forge a bond with those on board that just doesn’t occur anywhere else. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the laughter was near constant as the views became more astounding each day. It was extraordinary.
— Kaylin Richardson [Helly Hansen Professional], Park City, UT
What a rare gem of an adventure! Ben is a one of a kind human, no pretence, lots of laughs, he works hard on his boat and I was always confident in his judgement. This particular trip, although only 7 days, elicited the same introspection and feeling of remoteness I have found on much longer expeditions elsewhere. Combining sailing with hiking and skiing gave me an aesthetic satisfaction. It also required different skills which highlighted strengths of our team members. We may not have had the best weather or snow conditions but I would take this over scanning a lift ticket any day. It is just far enough away. And just close enough. Can’t recommend this trip enough!
— Sune Tamm, Reykjavík, Iceland
If you love backcountry skiing and have a grand sense of adventure - and you get excited at the thought of sailing into massive glacially-carved fjords with snow covered peaks jutting to the sky in every direction, while you cut smoothly through the ocean aboard a charming boat; with a delightful captain and awesome crew - then this trip is for you!
— Sam & Jenna Ovett / Boulder, CO


About US

sail 2 ski by sail bainbridge

Sail Bainbridge is a single-vessel, private charter company owned and operated by Captain Ben Doerr. Based out of Bainbridge Island, the company began with a focus on day sails and multi-day excursions throughout Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.

With an eye for adventure, Captain Ben noted that sailing doesn’t need to be confined to the summer months, and a sailboat can provide the perfect platform for a deeper exploration of our region and all it has to offer.

Following a discussion over a few beers, the idea was launched, sponsorship secured, a team assembled and a pilot trip successfully executed.

It turns out there is snow in British Columbia, and you can get to it by sail boat - and now you can join us!